On several occasions I have been approached and asked to help in the creation and promotion of national and international media products. The AUDIO RESEARCH MATERIAL PAGE contains recordings of some of these moments:


8th April, Interviewed for story ‘Dedicated and Unashamed: The International SKAM Fandom‘ by Anne Soerensen.

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21st November, Interviewed for story ‘What I Discovered by Visiting Every Disney Park’ by Brooke Barnes for the New York Times.

7th June, Interviewed for story ‘The Art of Being A Fan’ by Martin Nohms of Danish newspaper, The Information.

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2nd February, Q and A from my MARS conference keynote session streamed as a 30 minute webcast.

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16th August, Interviewed by Ian Collins on Talksport Radio to discuss the Elvis fan phenomenon on the 30th anniversary.

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15th September, Interviewed about the song ‘Always On My Mind’ by BBC World Service for their language teaching radio show The King’s English.

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3rd August, Interviewed for story ‘Whole Lotta Studying Going On,’ by Adams, J. Tornonto Globe and Mail, Canada.

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19th August, Interviewed by eighteen radio stations to promote a special Elvis anniversary night on The Discovery Channel. My assignment included an encounter with outspoken presenter James Whale on Talksport Radio and a chance to go worldwide live on The British Forces Network.

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